The Blackwater Fever may just be two guys – Shane Hicks and Andrew Walter – but the potency of their second album, In Stereo, would have you believe that more people would be needed to create such a strong atmospheric sound. From the very first listen, it is strikingly evident that Hicks and Walter are not here to follow trends or become the ‘cool’ band of 2011. Ignoring all trends, In Stereo is and honest album that is 100 percent The Blackwater Fever and nothing more.

The record opens with the title track, which lays the foundation for the rest of the record. If you were expecting traditional blues, think again. If you were anticipating complete rock n’ roll you’re listening to the wrong band. The Blackwater Fever have a unique sound of garage blues, which incorporates rough guitars with adamant drums, with the harsh, distressing vocal style of Hick bringing the lyrics alive.

In Stereo can take you down a solemn path of misery (Taking Its Toll, Burn Baby Burn, Sophia’s Waltz and No Harm), while just a few minutes later, pick you right back up with great rock tunes (Love Gone Astray, Hot Resin and Shot Thru). The Australian duo that is The Blackwater Fever is a force to be reckoned with. In Stereo is the definition of the oxymoron, bittersweet. Their optimistic yet forlorn sound produces a cloud of mystery that leaves you unsure whether your heart should be breaking or swelling.

Christine Caruana – Drum Media


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