Brisbane’s The Blackwater Fever released their third album, The Depths, earlier this year, thus confirming their status as one of the country’s most underrated yet finest purveyors of blues-rock. Tonight The Blackwater Fever descended on the Lass for a rather low-key gig, bringing their gritty blues-rock sound to a small but enthusiastic crowd. The band’s overlooked profile is all the more perplexing considering their talent as musicians and song-writers, coupled with an accessible streak that should elevate them beyond such small venues with little to no promotion. No disrespect to the Lass, but from the quality and professionalism of their studio efforts and tight live performances, The Blackwater Fever should be generating more interest. Regardless, the band doesn’t seem to care a great deal, and their seemingly down-to-earth and hardworking nature holds plenty of appeal.


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