Temptator! On Vinyl (Pre-order)

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1st edition limited run of our new 6th album on vinyl. Only 300 pressed. Transparent ‘Coke bottle’ green vinyl.

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The Blackwater Fever's Temptator! album LP. (Pre-order!)

Vinyl factories worldwide are currently overwhelmed by the renewed popularity of records. With this considered, there is likely to be a 18-22 weeks wait on when we will be able to ship your LP to you.

In pre-ordering your copy of Temptator! on vinyl now, you are choosing to support us, an independent artist by contributing to the manufacturing costs of this vinyl pressing.

Please note if you pre-order an LP as well as other items, we will not be able to ship your complete order until the vinyl has arrived here in-house. If you would like other items ASAP, simply order your vinyl separately.

All LP purchasers will receive a digital download on release day. Oct 27th.

Thanking you in advance if you choose to pre-order a vinyl. You are welcome to request a refund at anytime. Updates on the vinyl production and ETA will be forthcoming.


The Blackwater Fever

First edition limited run vinyl. 300 units pressed:
- 140 gram black record
- Lyrics and album credits insert
- Digital download on release day. Oct 27th.


1: Love Is Strange
2: My Weakness
3: The Boogie Woogie
4: The Hurt
5: Ode To Ol' John Doe

6: Everything Always
7: The Slew
8: The Highway
9: Angler
10: If You Only Knew

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